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Owners, Ryan Huneidi and Kody Dexheimer saw a need to combine quality and reliable IT and AV services through experiences with other local business owners, restauranteurs and construction companies. Together, they have partnered to create Alpheento. It’s their no-nonsense, customer-focused approach that combines their years of experience in IT with their fascination and know-how of AV services to create streamlined and affordable integrations & experiences for their customers in the St. Louis Metro area.
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Ryan Huneidi

Ryan Huneidi in not just an audiovisual technician. He is an accomplished Enterprise IT Professional that has showcased his skill sets in enterprise technology and cutting-edge audiovisuals not just in St. Louis, but at some of the world’s biggest companies. His passion for what he does, coupled with the innate need to always learn more so he can make the unimaginable achievable at an affordable price for his clients is why Ryan is a sought-out professional in his field.

Ryan’s love for technology began at a young age. From receiving his first computer at age 3 to present day, he’s always been interested in mastering new products and software and how they can solve problems for his clients. That enthusiasm led him to help development his first network for his elementary school to a full-fledged, four-year plan propelling his high school into a new century and to start getting prepared for new technologies to come. Administrators trusted him to install routers, firewalls and the latest security on school and student-supported devices as well as teach classes to his peers. You could say Managed IT Solutions is just part of who Ryan is.

According to colleagues & satisfied clients, Huneidi brings a unique advantage to the IT and audiovisual field as he’s known to “put forth the extra effort to understand the client’s needs and establish credibility and an advisory relationship” and goes above and beyond to ensure a positive customer experience. His approach is “friendly, informative, helpful and effective.

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Kody Dexheimer

Kody isn’t your average audio visual technician. He is a seasoned IT professional with extensive experience in IT Managed Services and a diverse range of skills in the technology industry. With several years of hands-on experience, Dexheimer has successfully worn multiple hats for clients, fulfilling roles ranging from help desk support to system administration, project engineering, and even virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO).

Before venturing into the world of IT, he honed his skills in operations & audiovisuals at a prominent establishment known for organizing events for groups of various sizes, ranging from intimate gatherings of 8 to large-scale events accommodating up to 400 attendees. This background allowed Kody to develop exceptional organizational and logistical skills and sharpened his audiovisual skills, which seamlessly transferred to his IT career.

More recently, Kody has been working with Enterprise customers at IBM, leveraging their expertise to assist these organizations in building effective IT solutions that address critical business challenges. His passion for technology, coupled with strong problem-solving abilities, has made Kody a valuable asset to his clients, enabling them to overcome obstacles and achieve their strategic goals.

Outside of the IT world, Kody is an avid sports enthusiast and can often be found on the golf course, honing their skills and enjoying the challenges of the game. You’ll also find him at the local bowling alley. Kody also loves spending time with his dog, Diggs.

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